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LA42SGF 22mm waterproof led flashing square indicator pilot light

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Quick detail

place of origin:shanghai china brand name:TAYEE model number:LA42SGF
mounting size:22mm material:nylon66 flame retadant:V0
color :red,yellow,green,blue life:50,000h

input voltage: DC

6V,12V,24V,36V,48V,110V,220V,380V AC 110V,220V,380V

working environment :-25℃~60℃ relative air humidity:<98% protection level:IP65

Packaging and delivery

packaging detail:carton

delivery detail:seven work  days


22mm flash indicator pilot light

1.Pure and clear light

2.Protection level: IP65


LA42SGF 22mm flash indicator pilot light

1. Hole size Ø22.3mm;

2. High bright and super bright available for different products.

3. Quadrate head. Ornament processed with internationally popular matte metallic color. Bright and eye-catching colors of the keys surface with special processing technology treatment. No wear or discoloration after long-term use.

4. Complete varieties and specifications;

5. Safe and reliable housing of imported nylon. Flame retardant level V0.

6. The unique waterproof LA42 series button ensures an IP65 protection level. Waterproof and dustproof. Even a protection level of IP67 with the hood.

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