Rail transit

Rail transit



As an important part of the city’s public transport system, urban rail transit presently is made up by subway, light rail, suburban rail, tram and suspended train and so on, known as the “urban traffic aorta”.
Shanghai Tayee Electric Company since 2005 has began to cooperate with major rail transportation companies including Faiveley, Connie, Bombardier, Zhuzhou Rolling Stock Works, CSR, CNR, CNR Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. and Sifang Locomotive. We provide professional solutions for the signal indication of shield door and locomotive door system, the platform-level control, control room level control, manual control and rail transportation lighting system, and have won great favor from our customers.

Cases 1997-2012:


Shield door:

▶  Shanghai Metro Line 4, Line 6, Line 7, Line 8, Line 9, Line 10, Line 11 and Line 12
▶  Beijing Metro Line 4 and 10
▶  Nanjing Metro Line 1 and 2
▶  MILAN Line 5
▶  Roma Line C
▶  Singapore Downtown Line

Locomotive door:


▶  First China-made Maglev
▶  Tianjin Binhai Line light rail
▶  Vehicles for EMU200G km project
▶  455 vehicles for Iran metro
▶  Thailand metro BTS-48 vehicles
▶  Bangladesh Railway passenger vehicle
▶  Sri Lanka Railway passenger vehicle

Cases 2013: