Elevator industry

Elevator industry



The elevator is moving works of art in the building. An elevator of a superior performance requires precise driving, precise control, reliable performance and innovative design. More importantly, it should be able to give passengers an unprecedented feeling of safety.
Shanghai Tayee Electric is a leader in the field of the domestic signal control and command electrical equipment, and has up to 10 years’ relationship of cooperation with the elevator enterprises. It provides a full range of signal control solutions for the elevator industry and helps the elevator manufacturers to enhance elevator response speed and reliability. Further it meets the manufacturer's one-stop shopping demand. We believe with our solutions, elevator passengers will enjoy well.

Cases 1997-2012:

▶  Shanghai Hongqiao integrated transport hub escalator project
▶  Elevator project of Beijing Olympic Sports Central Stadium renovation and expansion project
▶  Escalator and sidewalk project of China Maritime Museum
▶  Shanghai Pudong International Airport escalator project
▶  Nanjing Xinbai Building elevator project

Cases 2013: