Machinery and machine tools

Machinery and machine tools



Machinery and machine tool industry is a technology and skill-intensive industry. It has the largest industrial scale in the world. Since 2012, the whole industry is still showing a favorable growth trend.
Since its foundation in 1997, Shanghai Tayee Electric Co., Ltd. has put forth efforts on the development of machinery and machine tool industry and currently its products have been widely used in the electrical control system of CNC machine tools (milling), planer, grinder and drill press, automated assembly line; and textile machinery.


Cases 1997-2012:

▶  Shanghai Machine Tool Plant national largest “Super Heavy-duty CNC Roll Grinder”
▶  Kunming Machine Tool five-axis large CNC floor-type milling and boring machine
▶  The world’s first automatic boring and milling machine
▶  Shenyang Machine Tool Factory vertical CNC lathe

Cases 2013: