Rail transit

Rail transit

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Urban rail transit has become an inportant symbol of the modernization of urban transport one,.it has been recognized by all the people in the world that its fast, effective, safe which can slove the daily increasingly transportation problem. Currently China is pushing forward the construction of urban rail transit in rare speed. As of the end of 2012, the national total rail transport opetator mileage meet 2042km, there are 35cities in the construction of the rail transit line, to complete them, the total investment need about 260 billiob yuan.

In 2013, Xi’an, Tianjin,Chonhgqing and others, total above 10 cities will be granted a new round of rail transit construction plan,also Xuzhou, Wenzhou city will be approved as the new city. This year, the annal urban rail investment scale is expected to reach 280 billion yuan to 290 billion yuan

By 2020, the total length of urban rail transit will reach 6000 kilometers,an annual increase is about 500km

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Due to the special nature of the urban rail transit, its signal indication and system stability requirements are very high. In this regard, Shanghai Tianyi developed the Screen Doors dedicated products, locomotives products, rail traffic control box. The product modeling is nice, safe and reliable, energy saving, long life. Currently It has been widely used in dozens of lines at home and abroad.

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