Sophisticated equipment is a guarantee of quality

I. Quality control

2000 taken the lead in passing the certification of ISO9002 Quality System
2002 passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality System
2006 passed the certification of CQC Product Quality System
2007 passed the certification of ISO14001 Environmental System
2009 passed the certification of ISO18001 Occupation Health Safety Management System
Moreover, to reduce the pollution to the environment, the company has taken the initiative to improve its production techniques and implement the production requirements meeting the RoHS directive.

II. Center lab

Equipped with 18 sets of advanced large product test equipment, 13 sets of electrical performance test equipment, 15 sets of precision measuring equipment and 34 sets of small functional test equipment.
Able to conduct various salt mist corrosion durability test of a variety of products, light-emitting lamp dynamic and static aging performance test, electronic circuit electrical performance characteristics test, LED light intensity characteristics test, and product sound degree, vibration, temperature and humidity characteristics test. The laboratory equipment has reached the advanced level among the domestic counterparts in terms of completeness and advancement.

  • Integrating sphere
  • Aging furnace
  • Switch life test bed
  • Environmental test equipment
  • Salt mist corrosion durability test bed
  • Complete electrical equipment component test equipment
  • Warning light finished product inspection equipment
  • Product life test area
  • Anti-vibration test bed
  • CNC milling machine

Integrating sphere: to test lamp bead luminous flux, color temperature, color rendering index, frequency, etc., to provide technical support for the light source
Aging furnace: to detect the stability of the lighting component, drive module and lamp bead in specific environment, to ensure the stability of the lamp
Switch life test bed: to detect the mechanical life and electrical life of dozens of switches; the mechanical life of push button is tested to be one million times and electrical life to be 300,000 times through the test of more than three months with the buttons in a 24-hours working state
Environmental test equipment: to conduct tests of working temperature at a range of -40℃-130℃ and relative humidity at 95% to ensure the use in harsh conditions
Salt mist corrosion durability test bed: to create a simulated marine environment with a high concentration of salt mist to test the corrosion durability; our products after 0.5h-72h’s test are proved to meet the GB/T 14048.5 standard
Complete electrical equipment component test equipment: it is a complete set of electronic component test equipment to conduct electronic circuit electrical performance characteristics test, the LED light intensity characteristics test, and sound degree, vibration and the like test
Warning light finished product inspection equipment: to conduct nearly ten-step inspection to the finished products each day, including sound pressure, loudness, brightness, sound and light gap, and compression tests so as to strictly control the quality of the product
Product life test area: to test the service life of universal change-over switches, push button switches, limit switches and the like
Anti-vibration test bed: to test the vibration resistance of products through intermediate frequency vibration experiments
CNC milling machine: advanced mold equipment in China, with CNC technology, greatly improving the precision and quality control ability of molds, and able to have three-dimensional machining of various complex mold

III. Sophisticated equipment

We have eight production lines, and 40 sets of professional machining and testing equipment of various kinds, to provide timely test and quality inspection from raw material analysis and product performance test and ensure that each of the products meet the high quality requirements.

IV. Molds center

Equipped with 30 sets of professional equipment of various kinds, having strong independent design, process planning and production and processing capacity and able to conduct complex structural design and simulation analysis of the injection molding. The advanced equipment and production process come up with continuous innovation to the product appearance; advanced and powerful molds center ensures the quality of key raw materials, and offers robust development support for our product innovation and customers’ diversified demands.