Marine power distribution

Marine power distribution

Industry profile

《Shipbuilding industry and long-term development plan 2006-2015》proposed that by 2015, China will become the world's shipbuilding powerhouse; 2020, China will overtake South Korea to become the first in the world. But over the past two years by the impact of the global economic situation, the shipping and logistics market remains in the doldrums, the sharp decline in the amount of shipbuilding and ship manufacturers have to reduce costs, the development of high value-added, high-tech marine and ship products to respond to tough market environment.

What TAYEE can bring to you

Shanghai Tianyi Electric Co. Ltd. as control element leader in low-voltage of China, it provide the solution in low voltage distribution systems for major shipbuilding company, also provide comprehensive technical support and price support, those brought new hope in the depressed market environment for maritime distribution equipment providers. It is worth mentioning that the products are applied in the industry passed the CCS certification