Machinery and machine tools

Machinery and machine tools

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Machinery tool industry is a technology and skill-intensive industry, which has the world's first industrial scale, entering the industry as a whole is still showing a favorable growth trend since 2012.

Shanghai Tianyi Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997 which is focusing on the development of mechanical machine tool industry. The current products are widely used in CNC machine tools (milling), planer, grinder, drill press; automated assembly line , textile machinery, electrical control system.

In 2013, China will occupy the world's largest machine tool consumer status

As China's economic development need , the domestic machine tool consumption will continue to grow, the person concerned China's machine tool consumption in 2013, which is expected to reach $ 38 billion.

China's machine tool export has been ranked eighth in the world, Europe,which became an important export market of China's machine tool. In 2013 ,machine tool consumption in China is expected to grow by 12% to $ 38 billion..European markets accounted for 24% of China's total export of machine tools, with a market size of approximately $ 600,000,000.

China's machine tool purchases therefore will continue to rise in 2013 which is expected to increase by nearly 12%, to $ 38.1 billion, almost every user industries are driving the market.

Overall economic planning of the national macro-control, the Chinese market in 2014, the machine tool market will grow by 14.2 percent to 389 billion yuan. This strong growth momentum will consolidate China's position as the world's largest machine tool consumer and producer countries.

what can Tayee do for you?

Tianyi Electric master  and low-voltage electrical appliances can service the machine tool industry, broadly lighting systems, wiring components, signal indication and control elements, protection and control components, cabinet control cabinet box body, or even rail transportation products.

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