Elevator industry

Elevator industry

Industry profile

Elevator as the transportation tool in vertical direction, it has become important and essential contruction equipment. With the development of computer technologu and power electronics technology, modern elecator has become typical mechatronics

As China’s large population, despite the productions and sales for elevator products are in high speed growth, the market demand is far from the saturation level, there is still much room(600 millon untis) for elevator demand in China. This means that China will also need at least 5million units, coupled with demand on the renovation of the old elevator, still about three times the market space, which enough to ensure the elevator maitain a high speed development in recent yeas

What TAYEE can bring to you

Shanghai Tianyi Electric Co.Ltd. as a domestic signal control and main leader of the electrical field, it reached 10 years partnership with elevator industry we  provides a full range of signal control solutions for the elevator industry, help lift manufacturers to enhance the product response speed and reliability, to meet the manufacturer's one-stop shopping, so that passengers can enjoy the ride fun.