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Power Plant·Electricity

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Electric Power is electricity as power energy, the power generation, transmission, substation, distribution and electricity can link production and consumption system. From the global supply and demand situation, although the experience of the economics crisis, but is still in slow growth, the market is still huge

Shanghai Tianyi Electric Co.Ltd has established long-term good relationship with all power plants from the beginning of its establishment. our products are widely used in the central control room, control room, the scene of the local operation button station.

"Twelve Five" China's energy construction development toward transport efficiency and environmental benefits of dual-direction

As Expected, Distribution Automation investment in13-15 years doubled over 10-12 years, after the final stage of preparation of 13 years,, the 14 years will be rolled out in China's major cities;

Annual thermal power plant will be fully implemented denitration transformation, affected by that,  the equipment companies or usher will in a peak growth;

With the popularization rate of transformation, electricity prices are expected to continue in 2013 raised to 1.1 cents /

what TAYEE can bring to you

Master electrical and low-voltage electrical of TAYEE can be used in electric power industry, the details are as follow: lighting system, wiring components, signal indication and control elements, protection and control components, cabinet control box, even rail transportation products

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