Cement and Chemicals

Cement and Chemicals

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China's energy management has been strengthened, and embarked on a legal management track

Energy diplomacy is in full swing. In 2005, China has signed with Canada, Peru, Russia, various forms of agreements on energy cooperation agreements, declarations, memoranda of understanding and other documents. Three major oil and petrochemical companies in the past year, mainly petroleum and petrochemical companies met with Yemen, Canada, Myanmar, Venezuela, Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia and other countries signed a large number of energy cooperation agreement with the project.

Foreign companies increased their step to enter the Chinese upstream areas

With the further opening up of the domestic market, the competitive landscape is in further formation and development. The details are petroleum and petrochemical market and investment diversification

A large number of refining and pipeline projects completed or near completion; a large number of oil and refinery project construction invest in developing or in speeding up the construction; Sinopec and PetroChina have ranked in the top 500 of the world the new upgrade. China Petrochemical rose from 54 to 31, the Chinese oil rose from 52 to 46; China Petroleum and Petrochemical deepening reform, reorganization and integration are also new progress.

What TAYEE can bring to you

Master electrical and low-voltage electrical of TAYEE can be used in petrochemical industry, the details are as follow: lighting system, wiring components, signal indication and control elements, protection and control components, cabinet control box.

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