Brand Story & Culture

Brand Story & Culture

Brand Story



Interpretation of Tayee

T time: eternity is the characteristics of the time which can prove everything; the Tayee people will take unremitting efforts for creating and maintaining a century Tayee.

A – advance:

1) No matter how tortuous the road is, it always can not stop our progress;
2) The spirit of innovation is driving us to make progress and advance forward.

Yyea: Our belief and our spirit have obtained the great favor and recognition of the customers, so we are sure to succeed.

E – enjoy: The customers’ enjoyment of our product and service is always our goal

Eelectric: We are committed to the electrical field, and determined to take the leading position in electrical industry.


Corporate Mission

Tayee has established itself in the field of low voltage electric equipment, dedicated itself to developing automation products and building top-brand image, and ultimately becoming a highly-efficient and globally recognized enterprise. It is committed to being an enterprise which contributes to the society, the people and even the nation.

Corporate Principle
"Providing First-class Products and Superior Services" is the core of Corporate Culture of Tayee.
Guaranteed by safe and highly efficient product standards, Shanghai Tayee provides customers with safe, reliable, high quality, and innovative products. We stick to customer-oriented principles, and whole-heartedly provide satisfactory pre-sale, sale and after-sale service.

Operation Philosophy
“Ceaselessly explore customers’ need, endlessly satisfy customers’ demand”
Quality: Quality is Tayee’s way of survival. Relying on strict quality standards, we provide customers with products which meet their needs;
Values: Development and progress is customers’ key aspiration. We devote ourselves to providing more value to our customers and promoting mutual development;
Service: We strive to meet the increasing service demand of customers;
Innovation: Continual innovation is Tayee’s competitive edge.

Tayee Tenet


Customer-oriented: Our performance shall be judged by our customer’s standard. Only by enhancing quality, improving efficiency and satisfying customers, can we create profits and provide opportunities to our employees. A promise made by any of our employees will be honored by all our employees. All our activities are customer-oriented.
Individual Respect: Under the idea of “Human-oriented, and competitive selection”, we provide our employees with a rich range of opportunities and challenge them to fulfill their potential and make contribution to our corporate development. We firmly believe that our employees are capable, loyal and caring for corporate development. We encourage them to take initiative to satisfy customers’ demand and improve efficiency. In the meantime, we will fully respect their reasonable opinions and suggestions.
Quick Response: We require employees to prepare for the future, to taking efficient action in order to adapt to the needs of the future market in product promotion and customer service, as well as dealing with internal affairs.
Teamwork: The company is composed of by numerous teams; from the shift, the smallest unit to the company, we are working in the form of various teams to complement each other and work as a team.
Pursuit of Excellence: Our goal is to become the industry's pilot enterprise. So we strive to achieve excellence for each product and service in terms of quality and win our customers' favor with excellent product quality and good service.