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X42A Series waterproof limit switches

 The standards accord with IEC60947
GB/T 14048.1
Shell reinforced fireretardant nylon66
Degree of protection IP65
Contact material silver alloy
Contact components electrical isolation,double breakpoint contact
X42 series limit switch The normally off contact is affimatively out
Connection terminal Screw connection£¨maixmum2.5mm2(cable terminal included)
Rated impact voltage(Uimp) 6kV
Promissory radiation current(Ith) 10A
Rated isolation voltage(Ui) 690V
Application class AC-15
Rated working current/voltage(Ie / Ue) 4A / 230V AC,2.5A/400V AC,1A/690V AC
Working temperature -30°C - +80°C
Mechanical life 5,000,000 times of operation

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Meet  IEC60947、GB/T14048.1、CCC 、CE certification
Temperature  -40°C to +80°C
Shells of X42 series limit switch are made of high performance fireretardant nylon. Can endure strong impact. All switch rockers have undergone rust-proof treatment.
All switch contacts possess double breakpoint, all contact points are made of silver alloy, circuit isolation between contact points guarantees high safety of the switches.
12 kinds of operational units to cater for different demands of different customers
The mechanical life of a X42 limit switch amounts to 5000,000 times of operation.
Electrical life amount to 500,000 times of operation.
A X42 limit switch can be mounted on mechanical equipments with two mere screws, the installation is very easy.
Cover of the switch box is locked with a clipping machine, no screw is needed, Cover of the switch box can be easily opened or closed with one mere action on demand. Operation is simple and easy.
A series limit switch widely used in mechanical equipment, Automation line etc like light and medium load occasions.

Schematic diagram of product assembly

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