TYM1 Molded case circuit breaker


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TYM1 series of molded case circuit breaker is suitable for distribution network with AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 400V,
rated current up to 800A to distribute power and to protect circuit, power supply and electrical equipment against hazards
from overload, under voltage and short circuit and to improve the reliability of power supply, so under normal conditions
it can be used in the infrequent conversion of the line and infrequent start of the motor, as well as have the function of
complied standard
GB 14048.2 IEC 60947-2
working condition
working enviromen:  -5˚C~+40˚C   t
installation type   : III
pollution rating   : III
installation limit height:≤2000m
relative air humidity :≤90%

In the media without the danger of explosion, and the media will not corrode metal and destroy insulation of gas.as well as in the place without conductive dust,rain and snow

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