TYJR series Overload relay

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Product introduction

TYJR series thermal overload relay can be easily combined with the TYCJ AC contactor; when install and use, just use the three–phase mast insert into (TYJR) same current rating three-phase outlet end (TYXJ), then fasten them with screws
TYJR series thermal overload relay can also be used in conjunction with other model of AC contactor with same current level. As long as the TYJR installed in the wiring base, then TYJR can directly use 35mm rail mounting in line with international standard or use screw to fix the terminal

Product features

Three-phase operation characteristic and the phase failure of operating characteristics

TYJR series thermal overload relay three-phase current of the motor overload or a break phase (short circuit) protection motor

Manual reset and automatic reset function

You can easily convert by the white knob which on the top center of TYJR

Action flexibility check function
The test push plate on back cover can check the auxiliary contact action flexibility. push the plate on the direction of the arrow on the cover , then 95-96 normally closed contacts disconnect,97-98 normally open contact connected

95-96 normally closed contact temporary disconnect function

White on TYJR blue reset button commutation pieces, press the reset button when the arrow pointing to the "R / O" in working condition on 95-96 TYJR can temporarily disconnected normally closed contact, and when the changeto the member arrow pointing to the "R", no the above-mentioned functions

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