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TYCJ Magnetic AC contactor


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Product introduction

The TYCJ series of AC Contactors is the newest AC contactors currently
available in China. The products are of compact design and are small; light-weight
and energy efficient. The contactor’s magnetic system is of an optimized design,
and its iron core is made of a sealed structure to protect against intrusion by outside
objects. The accessories are connected without using any fastener parts and as such
are easy to install or dismantle.
The products can be fixed and installed using 35mm DIN rails or screws in
conformity with international standards. The wiring is by either Y- or O-type, enabling
it to be more stable and robust.

Product features

Self-cleansing contactor
The contactor has a ball-design which moves and rubs itself when shut, thus
enabling the contactor to maintain good contact reliability as well as self-cleansing of
the oxidized film on the surface.
Slip-proof screws
All screws are of slip-proof (anti-drop) design to ensure the reliability of wire connection.
Quick and reliable wiring
Rapid, safe and reliable wiring connection with easily-dismantled panel thus capable of O- and Y-connection.
Convenient installation
Clip-on(bayonet type) design enables convenient installation and dismantling, and auxiliary contactor assembly installed without any tools.
High magnetic system protection
The core is sealed to prevent intrusion of outside objects, thus ensuring safety and reliability of the magnetic system.
compact design
The product has a compact design and is small and energy-saving.
Comprehensive auxiliary functions
Integrated design for function components allow flexible combination of functional components
such as mechanical inter-lock, auxiliary contacts, overload relay, etc. All of components are
installed according to needs.

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