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LW42B on-off switch(20A, 32A, 64A, 100A)

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Meet GB, CCC, CE certificate standard
IP degree: IP65
Safe design for touch, no possibility for electirc shock, preventing the shedding of the screw
Shell material adopt enhanced flame retardant nylon 66, its flammability rating can meet V0 level
The number of combinations for cam switch are almost limitless, the application is very flexible
Contact material: Silver alloy
There are four installation way can meet different needs: screw installation, center installation, rail mounting, box installation.
Contact with double break contacts, with high reliability
It can be used for controlling, lighting, protection,signal and program selection,voltage, current measurement selection on electrical loop for CNC program-controlled machine tools and electrical equipment, and also can be used for the control of small capacity cage induction motor .

There is no other installation mode than rail installation for standard interlock door switch.

There is no other installation mode than centering installation for standard 10A on/off
Centering installation only adapts to 10A small on/off switch.
Screw installation is the standard model for arrangement of other switches and no other
installation modes are available.
The 10A samll selcetor switch (LW42B1) only supports centering installations, no other installation modes available.It dose not support interlock function.
LW42B2 is suitable to two-phase current. The contact layer number is 12 at most with 2 pairs of contacts every layer.
LW42B25, LW42B32, LW42B63, LW42B100 are suitable for three-phase current. The switches have three inlets and outlets each layer.Earthing terminal, N contact and auxiliary contact can be selected in the attachment column.
The standard LW42B25, LW42B32, LW42B63, LW42B100 interlock door switch has 1 extension bars and 1 hoods for extension bar,which can be added if necessary.
The standard LW42B25, LW42B32, LW42B63, LW42B100 interlock door switch has a earthing terminal.
The bottom of the switch installed with rail has the fixed tap holes. In addition, the clients also can make hole and fix the switch with screws (the screws are standard fittings).
The rail used for installation is H type.

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