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LA423series(Ф 30) 30mm on off push button switch


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Conform to GB, CCC, CE certification standards
Protection degree IP65, IP66 (with silica gel protection screen)
Working temperature - 25 ° C to + 60 ° C
Germany nylon materials, flame retardant grade : V0 level.
Small and exquisite specifications, intensive installation
Conductive contact bridge is made of high quality gold alloy materials, along with the terminal whole gold-plated,
The international popular no fasteners from chain joint way, dismantling is convenient, safe and reliable.
Modular contacts, can be changed and replaced conveniently according to customer needs,
Suitable for AC 50HZ (60HZ) voltage AC/DC220v of CNC machine tools, mechanical equipment, instruments, meters, electric power, telecommunications, ships, aerospace, metallurgy, chemical and other electrical control circuit of the control signal interlocking and so on